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Fine Arts


Choir is on 2 campuses:

Georgetown    Buda (All girls)

Suggested Ages

8 – 14



Purpose / Process

•    Learn the correct posture and breathing techniques for singing
•    Strengthen singing skills through vocalization
•    Become comfortable singing in rounds and two-part harmony
•    Study the formation of vowels and singing “from the diaphragm”
•    Be introduced to solfege and sight-singing from “do”
•    Become familiar with notes on both treble and bass staffs
•    Be exposed to different styles and genres of music as well as other languages


There is no required text for this semester. We will supply any printed music that we will be needing.
Of course, the students are always encouraged to listen to a wide variety of music. (classical, jazz, etc)
You will need to have a white, long-sleeved shirt and black slacks (boys) or a black skirt (girls).
Ladies, for modesty’s sake, please make sure your skirts are at least knee-length.